Lawn Maintenance is a key function of maintaining the appearance of your home.  There is no better testament of a home owner commitment to his home and family then how well his lawn and overall appearance is maintained.  This includes how well the properties shrubs, gardens, and trees are manicured as these are all part of your lawn maintenance practices.  Most good lawn care specialist will maintain all aspects of the grounds from lawn care to pest control.  You will want to select an expert who is highly trained and that have extensive knowledge on lawn and plant care.  Often you will find lawn maintenance crews who simply buy equipment and start cutting lawn as a means to a living however it is important to find a lawn care maintenance expert who is very knowledgeable with respect to the many different types of grasses, shrubs, trees, and various other plant life.


Talking grass there are numerous types of grasses that grow in a very specific conditions.  Conditions such as temperature, soil chemistry and geological location in which it is to grow should play a factor into selection.  Each type of grass has specific characteristics that must be met in order for the grass to thrive and provide the type of cover you are looking to achieve.  So your lawn care and maintenance professional should have a thorough understanding of how your grass grows and what impacts the success or failure of growth.  Your lawn maintenance expert needs to be capable of troubleshooting numerous things that may negatively impact your lawn’s health.  Such as pest control both good and bad for you lawn.  Fertilizing and watering are extremely important factors and a schedule of plan should be created with the help of the owner to ensure that both the homeowner and lawn maintenance expert are on the same page.

Below is an example of such a plan that the lawn care specialist will develop and discuss with you to ensure that you are getting that perfectly manicured lawn.  These types of plans ensure that your lawn is treated in the healthiest manner available.  If you don’t have a plan you should discuss with your lawn care provider and ask if it is being done if not you should start one with them or hire another more knowledgeable LAWN MAINTENANCE specialist.





WINTER  (Jan 02 – Feb 28)

  • Liquid Potash to strengthen the grass roots and prevent fungus
  • A special weed control application…this is a good time to control weeds.
  • Disease control. Brown Patch fungus is lurking around.

EARLY SPRING (Mar 01 – April 30)

  • Heavy rate of timed –release granular fertilizer plus Iron* to keep your lawn a luscious green.
  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control Application  ….this is the best time to control weeds!
  • On the spot Weed and Insect control as needed. Disease control.

SPRING (May 01 – June 15)

  • Liquid fertilizer with Iron* to support spring growth.
  • Humus liquid to add organic material.
  • Complete insect control, chinch bugs, sod webworms & other insects.
  • Weed control treatment as needed.
  • Disease control, if needed.

EARLY SUMMER (June 16 –July 31)

  • Iron and Micro Nutrients for summer.
  • Humus liquid to add organic material to your lawn.
  • Complete insect control; chinch bugs, sod webworms & other insects.
  • Weed control as needed.
  • Disease control, as needed

SUMMER (Augt. 01 – Sep 15)

  • Iron and Micro Nutrients are best in summer.
  • Humus liquid to add organic material to your lawn.
  • Complete insect control; chinch bugs, sod webworms and other insects.
  • Special trips to apply weed control as needed.

EARLY FALL (Sep 16 – Oct 31)

  • Starting on October 01, granular fertilizers high in Potash Plus Iron are applied for Winter protection
  • Insect control products are used whenever needed to prevent damage
  • Weeds are controlled any time they are present.
  • Disease control treatments, if needed.

FALL – EARLY WINTER (Nov 01 – Dec 23)

  • Liquid Fertilizer plus Iron* is applied to stimulate strong roots for approaching Winter
  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control Application. Best time to control winter weeds!
  • Weed control works well at this time.
  • Disease control, if needed.

*There is no control available for Bermuda and Crabgrass, Nematodes control not included

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