A/C and Heating Experts

Depending upon what area in the country you live in your comfort is maintained with a Heating and Cooling unit.  As a home owner at some point and time you are going to need help from an expert with respect to your heating and cooling needs.   We hear in Florida depend upon our Air Conditioning units being well maintained and serviced on a regular basis.

Today’s units are high grade extremely efficient units that cost less to run and to maintain your home.  Just having an efficient unit is not necessary mean you are saving yourself money.  Having your unit checked on a regular basis just to make sure that it is running at optimal output is critical.  If you coolant pressure isn’t at the factory specified level you will see increases in your energy usage and pay more when you are running it.  If your fan motor is not spinning when it told to or spinning at the right rpms that the unit demands you will be running at less efficient levels and again pay more out of the pocket.  Purchasing, maintaining and periodic inspections should be a must to all home owners who are looking to cut home costs down.  One inspection and tune-up of your system can save hundreds of dollars during the course of a season’s cycle.

We here at nice green and beautiful are working to help you manage your home services by providing professionals who can help you manage and maintain all of your homes maintenance items.  So when during the hot summer days when your home isn’t cooling off or when you see your electricity or gas costs increasing just don’t chalk it up to that time of year.  That’s just not a normal situation, it is an indicator that your air conditioner may need repairs.  Those repairs can be as simple as pumping some gas into it to as complex and requiring a new compressor unit.  That is where our Air Conditioning Repair experts come in.

Don’t delay call immediately so that you can get the repairs started by an expert.  Delay could result in even higher repair costs.  Sometimes a symptom if not fixed immediately could lead to even larger issues costing you even more to repair.  So don’t delay by thinking you can fix it yourself or that you can put it off until next week.  That may be the decision that takes a $100 problem into $1000 dollar problem.

Things you should ask your Air Conditioning Repair expert.

As with all professionals there are things you should ask them before signing on the so called “dotted lines”.  Here are some of the items you should ask about before contracting them in.

  • Is there work 100% guaranteed? All of their work from inspection to completion of the project.  Ensure they are willing to put that in writing.
  • Ask to see their certifications to ensure they are certified for both service and repair of your air conditioner.
  • Are they licensed and insured for repair and maintenance of all kinds of air conditioners.
  • Ask what types of training they do to stay current with the latest units on the market. Doesn’t make much sense to have someone work on your unit if they have never worked on them in the past.
  • Ask if they offer up some reviews from previous customers. Oftentimes you may be able to find some of them on line on their website or possibly their facebook page if they have one.


When you have that issue and you feel it should be a top priority your Air Condition Repair expert should also believe it is a top priority.  Don’t accept that we will get to it next week due to our being too busy.   Your units care should be made top priority and your specialist should provide you with a rough time that they can get out there and get it fixed.

They should also advise you of whether or not to continue to operate your unit until they return.  If you don’t feel like customer service is their top priority then you should call another company there are a ton of local and national specialists that are looking to support your needs.  We have partnered up with local experts who want to bring that service to you for a number of services; A/C Maintenance and Repair Service, New A/C installations, A/C preventative or annual service checks, etc….